Steven Zane was born on the south side of Chicago into a musical family. His mother was a singer and his father played the drums. Growing up during the 1970’s, music was always a part of Steven’s life. “I was always moved by a good melody.” He recalls. “I can remember hearing The Beatles, The Stones, The Beach Boys, Motown, Simon and Garfunkle, or just any good song on the radio and being totally captivated by it. It was as if the music got into my soul and overwhelmed me in a very positive way. It was very magical.”


Steven first picked up a guitar at around the age of twelve. He and his friends would pick out bass lines, chords and riffs to some of the more popular rock songs. By the age of fifteen, Steven was playing with friends in a basement/garage band, and a precursor to the band 'Electric Medicine'. By this time, Steven had written his first song, although, the group mostly focused on improvised jams. Steven enjoyed this life for a few years, but by the age of eighteen or nineteen, he had to support himself and get a job. Music took a back seat in his life at this time.


But, Steven’s passion for music was too strong to lay dormant and he soon formed two diverse groups, an electric grunge band and an acoustic trio. “It was a very happening time. Not only was I working full time and playing in two bands, but I had a very active social life, dating, partying, traveling and going to concerts and checking out local bands in the various bars and night clubs.” Something had to give, and it did. The grunge band disbanded. “There is just something about the sound of an acoustic guitar.” Steven explains. “So warm, so clean, so natural. “Not only that, but we could bring them anywhere, to parties, coffee houses, sometimes we would just bring them to the beach or a park or something and people would gather and listen. You just don’t have that kind of flexibility with electric equipment.”


Unfortunately, the acoustic trio was short lived as one of the members, already married, fathered twins and had to move to Seattle for a better paying job. The trio was now a duo, simply called ‘Steve and Mike’. Together, they continued for a few more years writing and playing informally around the Chicago area, sometimes playing with other artists. But alas, the duet parted ways. Steven married and started a family and continued working harder and longer to provide for them. Once again, music took a backseat in his life.


The creative juices were stifled, but the pressure built up inside of him. “I was very burned out at this time. I was expending my energy working long, hard hours and commuting two hours everyday. I had no creative outlet, it was all very stressful.” By the time his second child was born his life had reached a crossroads. “I had to quit my job. It was just too much. My wife was able to support us for awhile, I just needed a change. I also needed to enjoy my children while they were still young. I felt like I was missing out on the best years of their lives.” The change did him good. “Oh man! It was like a breath of fresh air,  this huge weight was off my chest. Suddenly I was able to focus on my music. The music was flowing out of me. It was like all the creative pressure had built up and now exploded like a volcano. The songs were pouring out of my mind so fast, I couldn’t even get them all down.”


In the summer of 2005, Steven, with no formal music training, went into a professional recording studio for the very first time. He started recording both new and old songs of his. After a few setbacks and many, many hours laying tracks, Steven finally released his debut cd, ‘I Close My Eyes’ in December, 2006. He soon went back into the studio and released his follow up cd, 'Second Coming' in August, 2010. His third cd, 'Take Me Home' was released in April, 2017.

              Steven performs at local venues to private parties, solo or with his bands, 'The Rhythmic Cats', playing good old rock and roll, or with the psychedelic jam band, 'Electric Medicine'. 



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